Scoundrels of the Underdark: plot and characters

Not Another Drow Tale

The last thing we wanted to do was a prefabricated story about a lone drow who repudiates his dark heritage to become a paladin of righteousness & justice. Our story will be about the dregs of society — scoundrels and vagabonds.

They are travelling the Underdark searching for profit and taking up any venturesome and exotic tasks.

A mercenary’s life is full of danger and adventure. While advancing through the main plot our heroes will explore ruins of an abandoned fortress, protect caravans, spy for drow Noble Houses, fight in the arena and take part in dangerous magical experiments.

A player’s character has a choice to become a well-known weapon master, malpractioner spy, merciless assassin, powerful mage, faithful servant of Lloth or a true-hearted renegade.

The main idea of our project is the full immersion into guileful, cruel and magnificent world of the drow.

‘Scoundrels of the Underdark’: Characters


Бродяги Подземья, Илирин

Full name: Elereen Velve Riona Ved-Eodare ou Deyerenarre
Race: half-drow
Age: 125 years

Elereen’s background is uncommon for the Underdark. Her father was a pure-blooded drow blade master, while her mother was a moon elf cleric of Ilmater. Elereen inherited both the grace of the high elves and cruelty of the drow.

Nasty temper and excessive ambitions prevented Elereen from obtaining a high post at the city of Shamath ruled by mages. Despite her promising talent as a sorceress Elereen had to give up apprenticeship and left her eminent patron – archmage Rou Damro.

Lacerated by contradictory feelings Elereen is wandering in the Underdark with her friend M’reen. It is unknown how she started travelling with M’reen although they seem to have known each other for a long time. Together they are well known through the Underdark as reliable and skillful mercenaries.

Elereen owns a small house in Shamath’s residential suburb.


Бродяги Подземья, М'рин

Full name: unknown
Race: drow
Age: 160 years

M’reen was born in the despotic drow city of Menzoberranzan. His mother was a cleric of Lloth. She arrived to the city with an ensemble of a few servants and was adopted by a Noble House after having proved her talents in several duels with rivals.

M’reen never jabbers away which one of the Noble Houses of Menzoberranzan is his official patron. As the adoptee M’reen enjoys all privileges of the noble drow, but has no legal cause to take part in the war for power which is common among the drow Noble Houses.

Being an adoptee M’reen can’t become the heir of the House and therefore he doesn’t have any real influence in drow society of the Menzoberranzan. Nevertheless M’reen considers his status not as a drawback but as an advantage. His lack of ambitions is quite unusual for the drow.

M’reen joined Melee-Maghtir at the age of 16. He was trained to become a fully-fledged drow weapon master. Clerics of Lloth enjoyed the company of such an attractive and amusing student.

It is unknown why the promising fighter of the Noble House had left Menzoberranzan in search for adventures.

He doesn’t worry about Elereen’s nasty temper and her custom to vent her anger upon him. A native of Menzoberranzan with its strict matriarchal rule, M’reen is inclined to be patient and endure any trouble that women can cause.

M’reen is an optimist who believes that every cloud has its silver lining.